New Hope Community Church

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Sunday Worship 9:30 am
Evening Worship 6:00 pm


Lifting the arms of brothers and sisters even if they don't need it.

Women at the Well

The Women at the Well is a women's fellowship intended for the younger ladies in our community. Talk, or sit quietly, but be prepared to laugh as you share in the joys and challenges of womanhood.

Men of Hope

Even men need to express their feelings from time to time. Men of Hope provides a personal approach to the study of the Word of God that helps us face the challenges of life. Low-key, real life situations, and genuine acceptance characterizes this group which meets Wednesday evenings.

Youth Group - DIGGers

DIGG, or "Does it Glorify God?" is more than a cute acronym. Our youth group become "diggers" into the Word of God, they "digg" deep into their spirits, and "digg" into activities to show the love of Christ to our community. To learn more, click the link above!

Worship Team

The Word says to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Our worship team does just that. Have a gift or desire to sing praises to the Almighty? Join us! Practice is generally Thursday evening from 6 pm to whenever!

The Chicken Coop

Reaching out to the hurting and broken. You can be alone, but you don't have to be lonely. A singles ministry for everyone whether you're looking for friendship or "forever."

Soul Sisters

There’s nothing like feeling someone else knows your very soul and loves you enough to lift you up in your most difficult time. Soul Sisters meets on Thursday at 1pm and provides the warmth of your closest friendship and the spiritual growth that comes through practical application of biblical themes. Contact the church for more information.

Dish of Love

When people you love are ill, or have family members that are, you know how difficult it is to take care of common household duties like cooking healthy meals for your family. In times like these, participants in the Dish of Love provide home-cooked meals to help sustain our borthers and sisters when they need it most. For more information about Dish of Love or to suggest a recipient of their loving service, please complete the form on the contact page with "Dish of Love" in the subject line.