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Have your arms ever gotten tired? It happened to Moses once, while praying for a victory in a battle being fought below him. As his arms grew tired and sagged to his sides, the army he prayed for began to falter. When his arms were raised, the army took more ground. His brother and a close friend came to his side and held his arms high as he prayed until the victory was won.

AOK, or "Acts of Kindness" is one of New Hope's ways for people within the church to lift the arms and the spirits of someone in the church that they care for. And the best part is, we don't have to wait until their arms begin to sag!

Write your friend a note, buy them a candy bar, or bake a cake! Go as big or as little as you want. The point is to make it special for them, and to show them God's love.

So contact someone on the AOK committee today (Toni Boertje, Teresa Hudson, or Lavonne DeRuiter), and ask them how your friend likes to be uplifted.