New Hope Community Church

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Sunday Worship 9:30 am
Evening Worship 6:00 pm

Picture of the sign in front of New Hope Community Church

Who We Are

New Hope Community Church is a family of believers who encourage each other to Live in Christ each day; to Love Others Without Limits; and to Light the World with God's love as to draw all people to the Lord Jesus Christ and His saving grace.

Live in Christ

New Hope is a body of believers who in their daily lives strive to have a burning fire for Christ every day by actively pursuing a personal realationship with our Lord Jesus Christ!

Love Others

We will embrace each and every person who walks through our doors with love! We do not care what a person's past transgressions are. We are here for the wounded and broken; because we realize we are all sinners and are in need of God's saving grace!

Light the World

We will go into the world and let our light shine! We will be part of our local community and will reach out to everyone in it, inviting them into the house of the Lord!